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DS Tree Services

We work around the clock whether it is an emergency tree service or want an ugly tree removed, DS Tree Services is ready. We have been in business for over a decade and licensed and insured company. Call to inquire about estimates.


If you have a fallen tree endangering you and your property call an expert. We are fully equipped ready to serve you.

Tree Cutting

Professional tree removal. Commercial or residential, we protect your property by removing dangerous trees down to a stump.

Tree Trimming

Trimming improves the health of trees and it prevents dead branches from falling and damaging your property.


Town waste management usually will not collect dead wood or removed trees. Call us and we will take care of it.

Planting & Removal

Add value to your property by removing and planting beautiful plants. Call us for expert planting.

Stump Grinding

Stump removal needs to be done right with special machinery. Call us we have the tools to properly remove a stump without property damage.

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Stump Grinding

Add value to your property

Talk our experts who can identify the best and most valuable trees for your property. There a few trees are valued by home owners because of their hardiness, durability, adaptability, and overall desirability for sturdiness, low-maintenance or attractiveness.

Licensed and Insured

We guarantee you less worries. We are licensed experts acting according to all regulations and laws, protecting you.

About us

DS Tree Services

DS Tree Services is proud to provide the highest tree care in Long Island.
Our team of tree care experts are consistently trained to look out for every single detail. Whether it’s a loose branch hanging from a tree after the job is finished or a problem area we spotted on one of your trees, we are literal when we say we do not skip a branch.

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We guarantee you we can beat our competitors with higher quality work you can brag about.